Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you family-friendly, wholesome entertainment by combining the best experiences in story-telling, graphic art, animated movies, games, and computer interaction.  Learning should never be a chore.  We make it fun with loveable characters and engaging, original stories, art, and games.

Our Story

Van Winkle Studio is an indie app development company.  “Rip” Van Winkle founded the company while home schooling his three young sons and looking for a way to combine his more than 30 years of professional software engineering experience with his love of art, photography, and music.  Over the years, his sons actively participated in storyboard design and developing digital art and animation.  They continue to grow in their own passions for technology, art, story-telling, music, and video games.  Rip’s long-running, successful career in high-tech lays the foundation for an innovative technical solution that is combined with the creative and fun ideas of his children.  His eldest son (also known as “Rip”) earned his Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Graphic Design and has partnered full-time with his dad.  He brings a brilliant artistic eye, creative digital talent, and unique, engaging story and game concepts to the product suite.  They are committed to bringing you terrific, wholesome, and fun interactive stories for children of all ages.